Education has become a business- high fees and low quality of education

“Education is more
than a luxury; it is a responsibility that society owes to itself,”
says Robin
, an American novelist. But in this today’s era, are we moving away
from our responsibility towards education that Cook talks about? Perhaps, yes
because education has become a business these days.

Today, it has become a common scenario to see students and
their parents struggling for arranging money to pay lakhs of fees for the
student’s education. This is what the real scenario of our today’s education
system is. While on the one hand, the fee structure of schools and
colleges are rising immensely, on the other hand, the quality of education is
also deteriorating at a very high speed. The institutions are engaged just in
earning profits for themselves.

The Home Minister, P Chidambaram, at the
closing ceremony marking 150 years of St. Xavier’s College, said, “I believe that private participation in
higher education is important for the spread of education but I am strictly
against private business with education.”


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